Sovereign Tech Fund invests in Open Web Docs

We’re proud to share that we’re among the selected projects in the Sovereign Tech Fund’s Contribute Back Challenges.

The Sovereign Tech Fund (STF) supports the development, improvement, and maintenance of open digital infrastructure in the public interest. Their goal is to sustainably strengthen the open-source ecosystem with a focus on security, resilience, technological diversity, and the people behind the code. STF is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and hosted at and supported by the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation GmbH (SPRIND).

STF’s investment in OWD will support two MDN browser-compat-data (BCD) projects that address how BCD is updated, maintained, and accessed:

Project 1: Implement a process for updating BCD whenever a new browser release is available
Project 2: Group web platform features

These BCD projects will better enable web developers to create websites that are compatible with many different web browsers.

OWD receives funding from multiple organizations and individuals to work on open web documentation and the tools that support this documentation. Part of this has been the continued manual updating of BCD. With the support of STF, we have the opportunity to create tools that streamline BCD maintenance, while improving real-time accuracy. We will be working on these two projects for the rest of the year, and of course, anyone is welcome to contribute and participate. As always, all work will be done in the open.

We're very happy that Open Web Docs' application to STF was successful and that it will allow OWD to make browser compatibility data even more up to date and easier to use.
We've always believed that high-quality and up to date web platform documentation is a critical piece of our digital infrastructure. OWD getting the fund is an important validation of the work they do, and will help them continue running a successful open source project.
– Patrick Brosset, Microsoft Edge, OWD Governing Committee Member

Developers frequently tell us that understanding what is available on the web and across browsers is critical for them to be able to build sites that serve their users well. This funding will directly help developers understand what they can use and rely on on the web and bring forward a healthier and more interoperable web.
– Paul Kinlan, Google Chrome

Thank you STF for selecting us!